Youth Ministry

Welcome to NB Youth!

Our Sunday Morning is when grades 6-12 can meet and connect with God, with others and just have fun! Currently, we meet in the Upper Room of the Commons. If you have any questions please contact our Youth Ministry Director, Matt Webber.

If you would like to be a part of the youth group, it's as simple as registering and showing up! Registering allows us to keep you updated on all of our events so that you don't miss a minute of the fun!


What’s our Vision

At NB Youth, we take Newbridge’s vision and apply it to our teens. We want to be a group of students who:

• learn how to have an emotionally healthy relationship with God,

• love on people and show others who Jesus is through our actions, &

• serve the world, starting with their own community.

We always want to point back to God in all we are doing, whether it is  fun or adventures, large group worship time or small group discussions. NB Youth’s desire is for each student to continually take steps in their journey towards knowing and loving Jesus more.

Events to look out for:

• December 23rd, 6-8pm - NB Youth Christmas party. Come to a fun and fancy Christmas Party, where there will be games, snacks, and everyone dressed to the nines. Each student should bring a gift that is less than $10 to exchange at the party and dress to impress. “Bowties are cool!”


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